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The Study Group will offer an opportunity to apply your mathematical expertise to a problem of direct industrial relevance. The format will allow for new collaborations and connections with other working mathematicians from academia and industry.

Who can Participate?

PhD students, postdocs and faculty working in mathematics.

PhD course

This workshop will be part of a PhD course spanning three weeks (4.5 credits). The PhD students that participate are expected to participate in this course.

Week 1 (August 10-16): Read material on the problem provided by the team leader. At the end of the week they give a presentation on the material.

Week 2 (August 17-21): Work with the team at the workshop.

Week 3 (August 24-28): Write a report on the findings of the team (one report per team).


We will form teams for each of the problems during the spring. In order to be part of this process, please email the following to

  • CV
  • List of research interests
  • The problem(s) of interest for you.

Apply by May 25.

Study group: Local Organizers/Sponsors:

Institut Mittag-Leffler, KTH, Mathematics, KTH, Computer Science and Communication, CIAM – Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics


CIAM – Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics